Welcome to Lisa’s Lories and Lorikeets

Being a family hobby my husband Adam and I have been fascinated with birds of all descriptions from an early age. Our two sons have grown up with a keen interest in birds, they had no choice, and are now very familiar with all aspects of bird husbandry.

Whilst my specialty is the dietary requirements of the various species, Adams specialty is colour genetics, aviary construction and maintenance. Our sons involvement is daily feeding, watering and visually checking the birds morning and afternoon, they also actively assist with handrearing when required.

At LLL Avaries we specialize in Rainbow Lorikeets and their genetic colour mutations. We continue to work on producing new colours. There are currently several colour mutations available which occur naturally in the wild. At LLL Aviaries we combine these mutations and multiple mutations to produce some amazing colours.

We have been keeping and breeding birds as a hobby for nearly 40 years. We have kept and bred many species of Australian parrots over this time. For the past 20 years we have specialised in Australian Lorikeets and exotic Lories for their abundance of colour and playful and cheeky nature.

All our Lorikeets and Parrots receive fresh fruit and vegetables and a nectar mix on a daily basis, we ensure all their dietary, vitamin and calcium requierments are met and exceeded.

We make and provide our own Lory Dry Mix and Nectar Mix,  if you would like to purchase this food, please contact us via the contact page.

We are located on the beautiful NSW Central Coast in a unique rainforest location which we believe contributes to the key success of our breeding program.

We have custom built all our aviaries based on the suspended aviary system for ease of cleaning, the birds health and hygiene and reduced maintenance for us and the birds.

Currently keeping and breeding the following :-

Australian Lorikeets

  • Rainbow Lorikeets/ and their colour mutations
  • Scaley Breasted Lorikeets/ and their colour mutations
  • Varied Lorikeets/ and their colour mutations
  • Red Collared Lorikeets/ and their colour mutations

Exotic Lories/Lorikeets

  • Yellow Phase Dusky Lories
  • Red Phase Dusky Lories
  • Blue Breasted Black Cap Lories
  • Pale Headed Lorikeets
  • Green Naped Lorikeets
  • Edwards Lorikeets
  • Buru Lories


  • Eclectus
  • Alexandrines and their colour mutations
  • Quaker parrots and their colour mutations
  • Blue Front Amazon


* Pearly Conures

Green Cheek Conures and their colour mutations




  • Major Mitchells
African Love Birds
* Fishers colour mutations

    Thankyou for taking the time to look at our site, if you have any questions or enquries please do not hesitate to contact us.